Abstract Categories

Biomarkers and Biochemical testing
Bone bioengineer, regeneration and implants
Bone Matrix
Bone biomechanics and quality
Bone development/growth and fracture repair
Bone marrow
Bone - omics
Calciotropic and phosphotropic hormones and mineral metabolism
Cancer and bone
Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation
Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone resorption
Cell biology: osteocytes, mechanobiology
Chondrocytes and cartilage
Energy metabolism and bone, fat and bone, diabetes
Genetics & Epigenetics
Inflammation arthritis and other joint diseases
Mammalian and non-mammalian models
Microbiome and bone
Muscle, physical activity and bone
Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging
Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology
Osteoporosis: treatment
Other diseases of bone and mineral metabolism
Paedriatic bone disease
Preclinical and ex-vivo imaging
Rare bone diseases
Steroid hormones and receptors
Allied health professional session
East meets West session