East-Meets-West Programme

Since 2016, ECTS has successfully run as part of our Annual Congress Programme, a specific East-meets-West Programme where experts from Europe, USA, Japan, China and Korea discuss latest advances and controversies in research and clinical practice in the bone field.

The 2018 East-Meets-West Programme will be held as  a full day programme, during the Pre-Congress Educational Programme on 25 May, and it will include:

  • ECTS-Mellanby Training Course on Vertebral Fractures Identification
  • Plenary session “Case finding for Osteoporosis – comparing Eastern and Western Strategies”: it is a world wide problem how to best identify cases in need for osteoporosis treatment. National and regional guidelines have been devised to optimize the procedure.
  • Meet Experts from East & West: “How do I manage unusual clinical cases in the bone clinic? Expert experience from the East and the West”.  There will be 3 parallel sessions, repeated 2 times, on Tumour induced osteomalacia, Atypcial femur fractures and MGUS and MM.
  • ECTS-AgNovos East-meets-West Research Award: Each of the three guest countries (China, Japan, Korea) will submit abstracts to the general programme and the ECTS Scientific Programme Committee will name the top three per guest country, based on abstract score.  An announcement of Awards Winners will be made during a special ceremony to hand out the winner certificates will be placed in the programme

Programme Friday 25 May 2018

09:30-13:10ECTS-Mellanby Training Course on Vertebral Fractures Identification
Participants from our Eastern partner countries are invited to participate in the Mellanby Training Course which is an independent component of the ECTS Pre-meeting Day. Due to overlap with the following East-Meets-West programme, the participation in the Mellanby Quiz is optional
13:30-14:15Lunch Break
14:15-16:00Concepts for case finding in osteoporosis
14:15-14:20Introduction & WelcomeProf Steven R. Cummings, Prof Claus-C. Glüer, Prof Bo Abrahamsen
14:20-15:20Essentials of Case Finding Schemes in the East and the West
The Chinese approachProf Ling Xu, Past President, Chinese Society of Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Research
The Japanese approachProf Yoshiya Tanaka, Past President, Japanese Society of Bone and Mineral Research
The Korean approachProf Young-Chan Ha, Editor Journal of Bone Metabolism
The US approach and insights from SOFProf Steven R. Cummings
The FRAX based approach and its implementation in European countriesProf Eugene McCloskey, UK
Risk estimation beyond FRAXProf Claus-C. Glüer, Germany
15:20-16:00Panel Discussion: What is the best approach for identifying osteoporotic patients in need for treatment?
Lead of panel discussion: Prof Steven R. Cummings
16:15-18:10Meet-the-Experts Sessions on "Uncommon and Difficult Clinical Cases". Three parallel sessions, repeated in two rounds, with one expert from the East and one from the West present together
16:15-17:10 First Round
17:15-18:10Second Round
Topics & Experts
Management of patients with osteomalacia but normal vitamin D levels, with special focus on tumor induced osteomalaciaProf Weibo Xia, China
Prof Salvatore Minisola, Italy
Management of patients with MGUS or multiple myelomaProf Masahiro Abe, Japan
Prof Franz Jakob, Germany
Patients with Atypical Femur Fractures: management and differences between East and WestProf Kyu Hyun Yang, Korea
Prof Nicola Napoli, Italy