ECTS Academy Session

The ECTS Academy was developed in collaboration with the ECTS Affiliated Societies in Europe in 2016 to allow young researchers to self-organise their society and foster personal contact and networking among the most talented young scientists in Europe.

The ECTS Academy is eager to expand their contacts and engage with other young Investigators around the world. We are pleased to invite you to this initiative.

Within the ECTS Academy Session: Hot topics in musculoskeletal research around the world , a program was developed with young investigator representatives of different international societies of musculoskeletal research. This year, the following speakers/societies have been invited to present research going on in their country:

Programme – Friday 25 May 2018

18:30     Welcome & reception   Martina Rauner, Hanna Taipaleenmäki

18:50     ASBMR                               Joshua Farr

19:15     JSBMR                                Yuuki Imai

19:40     ANZBMS                            Joshua Lewis

20:05     ECTS/Academy                Thomas Funck-Brentano

20:30     End

In the coming years, a rotation system will be applied to learn from what is hot in musculoskeletal research in different countries.