Working Groups

The ECTS Working Group meetings began at ECTS Annual Congress several years ago, to provide a forum for focused discussion of specific issues in bone and mineral metabolism.  This year, a total of 10 Working Groups will meet at ECTS Annual Congress in Valencia.
The session will engage both basic scientists and clinical researchers from Europe, US and Asia.  Working Group attendance is open to everyone, but a pre-registration is required.  We anticipate around 50 participants and the small size and format of the meeting will enable lively discussions.

Working Group Slot 1
25 May, 14:00 – 16:00 hrs CET

Working Group Slot 2
25 May, 16:30 – 18:30 hrs CET

Rheumatic Diseases and Bone

Transgenic Animals of Musculoskeletal Disease

Non-Mammalian Models – the study of common and rare skeletal diseases

Cartilage Pathophysiology – Common and rare disorders of cartilage

Bone bioengineer, regeneration and implants

Epigenetic Regulation of Bone Formation – DNA and histone modifications 

Cancer & Bone

Non calcified tissues and ectopic calcification

Imaging Bone Strenght – Standardization of microCT, QCT and FE data

Rare Bone Diseases – Chromatin disorganisation in skeletal disorders

Working Group Registration

Please note: The registration for a working group only does not include a registration for sessions of the Pre-Congress day or the ECTS Congress 2018. If you want to attend the Pre-Congress sessions or the ECTS congress 2018, please register here.